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The History - since 1880
Zuliani Vivai Piante

ZULIANI VIVAI PIANTE was founded around the year 1880.

After that, continuing for generations, have been working on the field of flowers and plants nursery business. At the beginning the main business was concerning on reproduction and trading of fruit trees. Soon later, the company extended the activities also to all types of ornamental plants for gardens.

And more recentely, since 1989, the company began to trade internal plants, flowers and all relative accessories. Today, we try to make the more categories of the plants available in our store the possible. This is also a prove of our professionality.

The philosophy of the Zuliani Vivai Piante is the professionality of our works, rather than concentrating on advertisements or marketing skills. Our works depends so much on the nature, so, first of all, we would like to be a company that respects the nature. For example, when working on a garden, it is not enough to consider only about the space available now. Like the so-called "ready-effect garden", which is beautiful soon after the work, but since there is not enough space for the plants to grow, it becomes more and more ugly soon after. So it is necessary to consider about the time the plants need to develop themselves (real space). In our long history, specially from the 60's and after, projecting parks and gardens were constant works that always substantial activities of Zuliani Vivai Piante, with numerous satisfied clients.

The land of our company totally is about 70,000 squares meters, include the headquarter and the more vast plants nursery departmente at S. Giovanni Lupatoto.

The Organization

The company is divided in three departments. Integrated but with different duties:

ZULIANI VIVAI PIANTE - is the main branch that represent the whole company, and works in the field of plant nursery and creating gardens
ZULIANI GARDEN SERVICE - is the second department which is specialised on garden and park maintenance;
ZULIANI GARDEN - takes care of trading internal plants and flowers and all relative accessories, also works for arranging flowers for exhibitions, ceremonies and conference.


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